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Who Am I


What DO I do?

My name is Joe Carpino, I'm from upstate New York and aviation has been in my life since I was a little kid.  My Grandpa introduced me to this hobby and taught me how to fly when I was 9 years old. From then I have always been fascinated with RC aircraft and aviation in general. I started off flying big gassers but when I wanted to try building my own, I opted for electric because it was simple, affordable, and fast to build. I made my own stick type aircraft, and it flew incredibly well. And from there, I was hooked. About 1 year ago, I came up with the concept of a super fast, easy, and affordable RC jet that anyone can build and it flew really well. You may know the video as the "DIY Micro RC F-15" It got quite a lot of views and that's what gave me the inspiration to keep making videos.


With my obsession for flying, and the minimum amount of available space I had, I got really into micro aircraft as they were easy to fly in small spaces and very fast and cheap to build. I could fly them whenever I wanted because I didn't need to drive out to a field. Recently I had an idea to make a micro thrust vectoring Su-27, it didn't turn out too great, but upon trial and error I got it to work. It worked so well I wanted to keep making jets in that configuration. This is how the Micro Jet Series [MJS] was born! The Su-27 along with many others are out in the shop with new ones coming very soon!  


Many people have asked to buy or learn how to build the things I make. This store will provide all the things you need to make your own jets, biplanes, warbirds, boats, drone, and many more of my creations! Most of the products, especially kits, are very affordable so you can mess around and learn about how to build things, and learn the basic physics of flight. These products are designed to be very easy to use and build which makes it great for teaching! Discounted rates for "Contractors Packs" for school activities and more! So go check out the store!!


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